Health insurance

Anyone residing in Switzerland for over three months is required to secure health insurance through a Swiss health insurance company. All associates are required by law to obtain health insurance as quickly as possible for themselves and their family members.

Novartis does not pay health insurance premiums, but does offer associates the opportunity to join the collective contract with health insurer SWICA on favorable terms.

More about Swica

A health insurance provides you cover against the financial risks of treatments resulting from sickness, maternity and also – depending on the situation regarding gainful employment – accident.

Compulsory basic insurance

Requirement to take out insurance

People resident in Switzerland must be insured against the risk of illness within the framework of compulsory insurance (basic) with a swiss insurer. 

The benefits of the basic insurance

Are defined by law. No provisos or refusals are allowed. The insurance usually covers the cost of medical treatment, medicines as well as cures and aid and appliances.

Cost sharing is 

Regulated by law and is made up of an annual deductible and an excess of 10% max CHF 700 per year (children CHF 350)


The premiums are graduated according to the age of the insured person and the person’s place of residence. 

Top-up insurance

In addition to the compulsory basic insurance, further cover may be taken out, such as insurance for emergencies abroad, repatriation, non reimbursed medicines, planned operations worldwide, free choice of physicians, private ward etc. With these top-insurance plans, health-related provisos and rejections are possible.

With SWICA we have arranged a special agreement for the "Novartis Package". Aside of a premium reduction ranging 8-25% there are for certain important top-ups no health questions required.


A top-up insurance plan is recommended because of the financial risk on high costs such as expensive prescribed non-reimbursed medicines, hospital operations abroad in case of emergencies, planned treatments worldwide, repatriation, ambulance, rescue and Fitness center membership fee: if you attend a recognized center you may be reimbursed a part of the annual subscription.